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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Autumn Time

The leaves are beginning to fall in our yards. Football is on the TV on any given evening. There is a slight dip in the temperature in the evenings as well. We begin our yearly routines as we either take our children back to school or watch as it happens to the kids in the neighborhood. We rake leaves, we put away the lawn chairs and we reminisce. Autumn makes as look back at the year gone by. What do we see? If I might suggest, let us look back with a new lens. Let us see where God was in our midst this past year. Maybe it's been a tough year for you, full of stress or peppered with sadness or grief. Do you see God in the middle of this? It's hard sometimes to envision His presence when it seems there are troubles all around. It's easier to see the blessings, the abundant joy, the glorious mornings and star laden nights when your heart is full. But when your heart is troubled, God seems remote and distant. My mother always reminded me that God doesn't move, we do. I have prayed much harder and listened more intently when my heart is "heavy laden", then when my heart is light. Can you see God-with-us?

Let's welcome the fall weather with a renewed spirit of finding God in our daily lives where ever we may be.