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Monday, April 3, 2017

Easterly Observations

I am in a hurry to get to Easter. Not because Easter is so hallowed to me, although it is. And not because we finally get to say Alleluia again, although that’s fun too!  Nope. I’m in a hurry to get to get to Easter because my son who lives in California is coming home for a few days. His girlfriend isn’t coming East with him this time, and although I really like her a lot and respect their relationship, it means I get to “have” him all to myself—well my husband and daughter and myself.

I got thinking about this, though, after writing and expressing this. Easter has changed in our household. My family no longer shares that joyful, early morning “dress up fest” that we used to do each Easter. I have myriads of pictures from our Easter Sundays but only until they were in high school. Then no more. Because as they got older, I gave them the choice of attending services and it just didn't speak to them any more. Because they are their own individuals now, I do not have the right to “drag them” to services.  The children have their own houses/spaces/agenda.  Christmas is a tradition in which they indulge their mother with the obligatory visitation to the sanctuary. But Easter doesn’t seem to have the same pull.  And I wonder why that is. The two biggest celebrations of the church year and only one is considered worthy of shuffling down the aisle and finding a seat amongst the crowded masses who in their own way have shuffled down the aisle as well.

Easter is an exuberant celebration in the church! We sing Alleluia, we raise our voices in heartfelt hymns, we smile with the knowledge that Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed! Why aren’t we as ecstatic as we are in that cold, evening in bleak mid-winter?  Spring is breaking forth! It’s lighter in the morning when you rise…well, assuming you rise in the morning.  

I don't have any answers here. I am excited about Easter because I believe God is reminding us that he is with us as we break out from or woolen mittens and knitted hats and don Easter bonnets and flowery dresses and brightly colored suits. And yes, I'm excited because our son is coming home. They are two uplifting and happy events intertwined. And chocolate is once again on the menu. Alleluia!