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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's Enough

I was feeling dissatisfied recently. Restless with my life. I didn't like the way the days were either too short when I was enjoying them or too long when I wasn't. My husband, who always believes a walk cures everything, persuaded me to step out with him. We didn't talk much, for that matter we don't usually. We were walking along, kind of in our own heads, when we met an acquaintance of ours. His children used to play with ours. I knew that one of his kids got married recently, so I commented on the Facebook pictures which looked lovely. He asked about our children and what they were doing. When I asked of his unmarried child, he sighed. It seems his youngest was very ill. And this dad didn't know what to do. He spoke of his sadness in such a matter-of-fact way, like it was a part of him, as though even the joy of the recent wedding was a minor event. We parted and I took my hisband's hand in mine.

"We are so blessed," I said, "I don't even think of it most of the time." And my husband agreed.

This is not a guilt piece, my dear readers. I put this out there to remind me and whomever might wander onto these musings, that even in the midst of ups and downs, God is with us. In the sunshine and the rain. In the most uplifting, mountaintop experiences, and in the valleys so deep that there is no energy to climb out. God is with us. I pray for this man and his family, for God to whisper in this dad's ear that he is NOT alone. And for God to poke me to see what my blessings are each and every day, no matter how long or short they seem.