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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Being Called

I know a guy who until this past week was a high school history teacher. But come the fall, instead of returning to the classroom he's been in for about 10 years, he will be moving to a city to begin an urban ministry with his family. In his farewell to the faculty letter, he said the only thing that could have possibly pulled him away from the teaching he loved is the call to ministry. I admire him.

Not all of us are called to be ordained. Some of us minister to others with meals lovingly baked, or hugs freely given, or visits to sick rooms. But this guy reminded me of something: we are all called. Even bleacher sitters are called to be the cheering section. We don't do what we do for brownie points in heaven, we do these things because we are given so much our cups overflow. Our God has blessed us in ways we might not recognize as blessings, but blessings they are.

Our Pastor of six years will be leaving us to return to the land of his "twang". He's been called somewhere else to lead. And we are called to open our hearts to someone new. Shortly we will begin the process of selecting a new leader for our congregation. Let us listen to what God is telling us, pray for his guidance and prepare for His call to lead us forward.