Welcome to our blog! This is a place to share ideas, thoughts, concerns and joys of our faith journey. I'll be posting sporadically, but hope you will feel free to comment and join in the discussions.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Little Me, A Little You

One of the things I noticed about our walk of faith, is this: you really can't do it alone. Okay, that sounds either stupid or pompous. Since I think I'm not either (well, most of the time, anyway), I shall attempt to explain.

The person you have grown up to be is an amalgam of all the life experiences you've had so far. Unless you were raised by wolves or lived in a cave in the vast wasteland of the Mongolian Steppes, you interacted with people all your life. They had an influence on you as well, your outlook on life, your perceptions, you prejudices and yes, your faith, are a melding of those things. So even if you don't go to church, or profess that you don't believe in God, your perception of God and the Trinity still influences how you see the world. I don't doubt people when they say they don't believe. But to say that, indicates that there is SOMETHING in which to not believe.

As a member of a community of faith, I do believe in God and the Son and the Holy Spirit. I came to this firm belief because of all the people and experiences in my life which seem to point, in no uncertain terms, that there is something beyond myself. Thank goodness! But the people of my faith community are walking the same path I am. Sometimes we stumble, or take a weird left turn, or end up in the Mongolian Steppes without knowing how we got there. But the God of all creation walks with us as well. We are never alone. And thank goodness for that as well.

Hopefully, we will soon be a larger community of faith as we look to do our journey a little differently. But the comforting thing is, we are not walking alone on this new path. Would you like to come and walk alongside us? We'd love you to join us! No matter where the journey goes.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

This is a Sunday of Importance

This Sunday is a congregational meeting for us. We are all getting together at one service and taking a step together...

I hope you will join us as we walk together this week. I would  hope you would join us every week, actually! But especially this week. Please take time to be there with us. AND pray for St. Mark's Lutheran Church, too.

Thanks and we'll be looking for you.