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Friday, December 23, 2016

A Christmas Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep.
But I can't sleep yet.
I have things to do, errands to run,
Things to buy, people to see.

There aren't enough hours in the day, Lord.
Can you help me tackle all this stuff?
But wait, but wait.

My head is on the pillow and I can see stars outside.
The moon is tracking its way across the house
On its silent, silvery highway.
And the neighbors Christmas lights have gone out, finally,
So it must be past midnight.

It's so quiet, Lord. And all those things?
Well, I can't do them at night anyway.
And it's nice to just lay here with my head on the pillow
Looking up at the dark, blue sky and listening
To the night.

When you came all those years ago
As a tiny baby, fisting your hands in Mary's hair,
Was it quiet? Well, I mean the angels made a bunch
Of noise I know. But there in that dark, damp, steamy
Manger, was the moon lumbering across the sky
In counterpoint to that bright shiny star?
What did you hear that night besides the animals breathing
And Joseph snoring and Mary perhaps crooning a lullaby?

And I'm quieted knowing that long ago
On a quiet night, when God came down as a baby,
It was a grace filled moment of love
Without presents or tinsel or hundreds of people.
And I don't need more hours in the day,
Just a few of these moments with you in the dark of night
Listening for you on the night of the anniversary of your birth.

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